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Echoes in mass-media

Despite his reluctance to talk about his actions, my grandfather was featured in a few newspapers and a documentary. You may find the files listed in PDF format or go to VIMEO and watch the documentary: In particular, the mass-media echoes are:

September 23, 1974 - Letter to the XI Congress

February 13, 1990 - In 1974, Motiune Impotriva Dictaturii de Petru Agachi (Opinia Studenteasca)

September 1990 - Taci, tovarășe, nici nu vrem sa auzim de scrisoare de Dan Radu (Opinia Studenteasca)

  • The last echo in the mass-media was of course the documentary made by Tele'M, the local TV station in Iasi, directed by Titus Ceia and initiated by Architect Vericeanu, former Chief Architect of the city:
  • A transcript is also available.