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A bicycle courier job keeps a rider constantly on the road and in the public eye, more often than not in heavy traffic and areas with higher income per capita than average. As a participant in one of the most traffic-jammed cities of North America, the bicycle rider needs to be visible as a condition of their survival. This creates an excellent opportunity for advertising.

A bicycle can be "decorated" with several decals, such as can be seen in this photo of a Toronto Bike Share bicycle. This does not have to come at the expense of safety, as safety numbers for shared bicycles show. Additionally, a rider can wear a branded t-shirt (or a decal over the chest and back) as well as branded pants, while a courier can have additional decals on her backpack. For more examples, have a look a the 101 years of Tour de France, especially the latter years.

One could also be wearing LED lights or signs which can only increase one's visibility. In particular, wheel LED lights can even display complex images: instructables, Amazon, GeekLED.

I would be willing to wear all the above both on myself, my backpack and my bicycle for $1 for the first month as long as the printing costs are supported by the advertiser. I can help with the design or find a designer if necessary. I would also provide tracking data of my routes. For subsequent months, I would auction off the advertising space over a 2-5 day period before the start of the month.

If the advertiser is not successful in securing space for another month, I could mail at cost the decals to the advertiser or give them to another cyclist. I have spoken to other couriers and they might be interested in such an arrangement.

If you are either an advertiser or a courier interested in becoming a part of it, email me or complete the form at
I will also be publishing shortly a media kit, much like what's described by bm, ala or mp.