Thank you for visiting the Zodians on the web!

This website hosts the static presence of people whose last name is Zodian - mostly my family (in the photo above: Eugenia, Mariana, Gheorghe, Zvetlana, Valeriu and I, Andrei Zodian).

If your last name is Zodian (not Zodiac :D), please contact us for a special offer - there aren't that many of us around!

This page was initially started when I was considering moving to; I abandoned the idea and moved back to Back then, my father, Valeriu, had just passed away and I wanted something to keep his memory alive, not just for me, but for anyone who may have known him. Everybody else, apart from my mother, was still alive, but I decided to create pages for them as well. My grandparents passed away within a few years of my father's death, and since I could not visit their grave often, their pages became all the more important to me.

The site was started with the first version of Google Sites and then converted to the new format in 2021. It had a more rudimentary look back then. Some of the images and special links have disappeared or may have stopped working in the transition - please let us know if you encounter any such difficulties.

This site is obviously in a constant state of flux. I feel that no matter how long I spend on it, I could never fully express who my relatives were and how much they meant to me. Those of us who are still alive don't care much about telling our life stories and for those who are no longer with us, the story is sometimes so complex that a simple webpage such as this can hardly contain it. It is a challenge to fit it into the 50 MB or so that Google allows. For this reason, some more complex stories are told in external, pseudonymous blogs.

This site is hosted by Google for simplicity and permanence; though one or more domains may expire, this site should continue to be available for the foreseeable future through at least one of the following URLs: