Zodian Offer

If your last name is Zodian, please contact me, Andrei Zodian, I am always happy to meet potential relatives! If you would like a web page (or site) like this or vanity email let me know and I will set you up with a short webpage here or a subdomain such as YourFirstName.zodian.net pointing to whichever page you have and an email address such as YourFirstName@zodian.net. This address could forward to your existing address, if you wish, so there is no need to change your habits, or you could use it in its full Google Mail for Business glory.

If you like Google (and who doesn't!) a Google Apps account such as the one I would create for you has a shared storage limit (Drive, Gmail, Photos, everything) of 15 GB. This should be sufficient for most purposes, but if it is not, you can purchase more straight from Google - I won't stop you! :)

Please note that Google Sites has a domain-tracked quota, but even that should be more than sufficient for a simple site.

To summarize, here's how we'd go about getting you a vanity email and site:

    1. You contact me, telling me what first name account you want me to create and also providing some sort of proof that your family name is Zodian. For instance, you tell me your first name is <YourFirstName> and send me a photo of your birth certificate or another similar document.

    2. I create your account and send you the password. You can now login as you would login with any other Gmail account, by going to Gmail.com and entering YourFirstName@zodian.net for your username and the password I've sent you. You can then change your password and receive and send email at the address YourFirstName@zodian.net as well as YourFirstName@zodian.ro.

    3. If you want to create a webpage http://YourFirstName.zodian.net let me know, and I'll create a CNAME field for you. This could be a Wordpress blog or any other kind of hosted website or blog. I, however, recommend you use either Blogger / Blogspot or Sites from Google, as they are free and do not charge for use of a domain name (Wordpress.com does charge, unfortunately).

    • For example, suppose you already have a Blogger / Blogspot blog (if not, login with your regular Google account if you have one, i.e. NOT YourFirstName@zodian.net and go to Blogger Dashboard to create your blog, with any name you wish). In your Blogger / Blogspot control panel, click Settings -> Basic and in the Publishing section click "Set up a 3rd party URL for your blog". In our example, you would enter YourFirstName.zodian.net as your new URL (or YourFirstName.zodian.ro, if you wish), then let me know by email and I will create it for you. Obviously, if your name is not "George" you would enter your actual name, George is just an example.

    • Alternatively, you may create a website with Google Sites. Google Sites are much simpler to use, are better suited for static websites, it does not offer the same flexibility as Blogger / Blogspot. The advantage with it is that you could then set up both YourFirstName.zodian.ro AND YourFirstName.zodian.net and they would both work. Again, if you don't already have one, please create it under another account by going to https://sites.google.com, Click then the "setup wheel", choose "Manage Site" then click "Web Address." In the "Add a web address" field enter YourFirstName.zodian.net, hit enter, then let me know and I'll add it for you on my end.

    • It is better to create a blog or a site under a different account that is completely under your control as you can make changes more easily that way and also you do not use any shared limits. However, it may not be possible to set up a domain that way, in which case I may have to do it for you.

    1. In general, you are free to use the account whichever way you wish, as long as it is legal and it does not interfere with my own use of my account. If you do anything illegal, Google will most likely pass the information to authorities without my involvement, so please do not do anything like that. The storage limits are set per account, so normally you should not be interfering with mine.

    2. If you would like to use more premium features (such as unlimited storage) above and beyond what I am using now and want to pay Google for it, I will certainly not stop you. Also, both domains zodian.ro and zodian.net are fully paid for many years to come, but if you want to share in their administration, that could be arranged as well.

If your last name is not Zodian, but wish to set up a similar email or web address, please consider purchasing a domain from a domain reseller such as domains.wintegrated.com. Your domain reseller might be able to provide you with the assistance you need.