Andrei Zodian

My name is Andrei ZODIAN (not Zodiac :D ) and I presently live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, though that has not always been true and it may not always be true in the future either. I am the son of Mariana and Valeriu, the grandson of Eugenia and Gheorghe and nephew of Zvetlana. My school friends used to call me Zody.

I'm not terribly keen on making a webpage for myself under my real name, as that is a security risk, insofar as so many businesses (even banks) force you to use predefined questions for password retrieval. I do not need to find myself on the Web and do not really enjoy taking selfies or appearing in photos. I value my privacy. Still, my friends may occasionally take photos and then tag me on Facebook. So, since I'm "online" volens-nolens, I thought I'd better start with the basics, such as my charities and non-profit issues.

If you want to know more about me, you might want to follow one of my blogs, where I usually post under a pseudonymous identity, in order to protect my privacy as well as that of people I might be writing about. Please feel free to contact me for the address. Nonetheless, here I might soon add my first webpages ever, done in the mid '90s, before and after I was an Engineering student at University of Toronto.

Thank you for visiting and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Contact info for me (Andrei Zodian) is in the left sidebar as well as at

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