The Toronto Municipal election vote date is Monday, October 24, 2022 and advance polling days are October 7-14 - see toronto.ca/election for more.

Andrei Zodian is running for Toronto City Council in Ward 10, Spadina - Fort York. You can find the official candidate list at Toronto.ca (search for the name or click "Councillor" followed by Ward 10.


Andrei's platform can be found on a separate site or in a text-only format at Andrei's vote page. This page had to be created because some automated checks do not allow for subdomains other than www.


If you are yourself thinking of running for office, one can file starting May 2, 2022 (I filed at the end of May) to August 19 and a 25min information session was hosted May 11. I wrote about electioneering for the 2018 campaign and almost all rules are unchanged, except for forms such as the Nomination and Endorsements forms.

For 2021 (January to October), residents complaints to 311 (also, map) included Zoning (601), INJUR/DIST WILDLIFE (458) and LITTER/SIDEWALK & BLVD / PICKUP REQUEST (396). While the 2nd and 3rd are self-explanatory, Ward 10's chief complaint, zoning, is a bit more difficult to understand. One could start with a search or a phone call to MLS Investigations at 397-4150. CityHallWatcher has also a campaign cash database source.

Financial Disclosures: 2021-PDFs, 2018/25-PDFs, 2018/47-PDFs; Ward 22 2021 results;

Voter Statistics by Ward and OpenData. For the summer, see Toronto Outdoor Swimming Pools and Golf.

Follow-up to social media politics:


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