I've always had an affinity for languages, either as a trait passed on from my mother or simply from a desire to be more like her. Additionally, I was lucky to have an international name, which helps if indeed used as described in a 2005 study.

There is a general assumption among most people that once you learn a language, you cannot unlearn it. I've found that without practice I seem to forget even the earlier-learned languages. Additionally, even managing to keep all the languages I learned fresh in my mind, occasional scrambling may occur (i.e., you try to say a word in a language and it comes to you in another, or it takes much longer than to an unilingual; other times, you make up words (that surely exist, but in another language, not the one you're speaking) or you use them according to rules from another language.

I've discovered that such effects were most pronounced after I hit my head (concussion). There is extensive scholarship suggesting that this does not happen only to myself.

Studying languages improves your brain, it's fun and it's what I do (or try to do) these days instead of playing games!

Some quick learning tips: US Military DLI, Mormons, Jp.

The following pages tell the story of my love affairs with various languages, which I'm also encouraging you to have, not in the least because it makes your accent lighter!

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