In my native language, "cabana" means "chalet" or "mountain hut". The suffix "ita" (prounounced "itsa") marks the diminutive, so "căbăniță" or "cabanitza" means "the little chalet" or "the little mountain hut".

It is where I had spent most of my pre-adolescence winters, in a ski camp. This place belonged to a "school sporting club" that organized a "ski camp" lasting the winter holidays (throughout most of my primary school) and sometimes a little bit over. It was located at the top of the mountain, at the top of the Kanzel (some called it Kanzer) ski slope, in between the endpoints of the two "telecabina" or "teleferic" in Poiana Brasov, which was the premier ski destination in my native country. In all fairness, some thought of Sinaia as being better, but that was a minority about as large as those who preferred "Kanzer".

My first skis were the wooden Combi-R (relaunched by Reghin) with Caber boots. I then upgraded to Rubin.

I've had some truly amazing experiences there and would like to share them with the world, especially since this place burned down shortly after my departure from my native country. There aren't many echoes of it on the web, unfortunately. This page has photos from other parts of the country.

Ski continues to be one of my favorite sports; it led me to love and respect the mountain, winter and general, and is the basis of my visceral opposition to global warming and everything that might be causing it.