I am occasionally asked by people who know me to provide them with a referral link, and I don't remember it or it takes me too long to find it. Referral links are ways vendors provide incentives for existing customers to bring in new ones, passing on the acquisition costs to both the new customer and the existing new customer.

    • Point of Sale: SquareUp (they allow anyone to charge credit cards through their smartphone with a free square device that plugs into the headphone jack, BT devices are not free; when you activate an account through this referral link, both you and I receive free processing on $1000 in sales for 180 days)

    • Lyft: iet01/AYN596785 / free $20 in ride credit, download using 071799 link

    • Uber: yzt23ez4ue / free ride worth up to $20 for you and $10 for me andreiz32ue

    • Groupon: uu41271696

    • WootHosting: 247