Deutsch (German)

German was the 3rd language I learned, although officially 2nd. In school, we started studying it before French, but I had likely been exposed to the latter from the womb.

The Germans say "Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache" (meaning it's f'in' hard), while the English say.. what Mark Twain did. In my native country, "learning German" meant memorizing declension tables such as the ones that can be found on Wikipedia and g4es. A large part of the class time was used up explaining the movie shown by Bulgarian TV Studio X the Friday night before and making sense of what happened . This was usually in German and "undoubled" in Bulgarian (i.e., with subtitles unreadable to us). I didn't watch as I found the combination of poor quality reception and my own low German abilities unworkable, and that meant I could not really participate in the school day conversation either.

I have regained an appreciation for this language once I got a few German friends, whom I found to be truly wonderful people!

(This is a Language I study.)