Español (Spanish)

Espanol es muy facil

I had a book from my trip to Spain with Minisong, and, until my solo trip to Santiago de Compostella, Barcelona and Madrid, that was my main thrust into learning this language and also a somewhat vague idea of what this language looked like. I found Spanish very easy to learn and surprisingly similar to English in some ways. I encountered Spanish while traveling in many countries, from Spain to Mexico and Cuba, and always managed to understand others and make myself understood even before having a chance to study it more seriously.

At this stage I feel that my studies would best progress by reading a Spanish book, such as one by Marquez. I find magic realism to be the perfect middle ground between the exuberance and "fiesta" we associate with the "Latin spirit" and my preference for learning by reading.

Some of the issues I have with this language (hopefully not for long) include confusing para/par use cases.