Tataia loved Ciprian Porumbescu's Ballad, so here it is in MIDI (.mid) format and Youtube. From Wikipedia:

Finished on 21 October 1880, the Ballad for Violin and Orchestra soon became the best known work by Ciprian Porumbescu, and a reference work in Romanian classical music of the 19th century. In seclusion at Stupca, the composer meditated, drafted and then finished the piece, full of poetry and bitter nostalgia, with light and shade, a mixture of "Doina", old dance and song, everything in the environment of serene melancholy.

Sometimes, grandpa would play it on his guitar, along with a song about a Gypsy woman that my grandma didn't like.

The following documents summarize my grandfather's activities. They include the simple letter he sent the Romanian Communist Party 11th Congress in 1974, an appeal of his conviction for mishandling of government secrets in 1976, an appeal in 1990 to have his conviction reclassified and articles published in the "Student Opinion" in Iasi, Romania about him in 1990.

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